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  1. You agree to be bound by our license and terms of use regarding videos, exercises, source code, and program listings available on this site. All course material you purchase, including videos, exercises, and source code is copyrighted and licensed for individual use only. You may make copies for you own personal use (e.g., one on your laptop while traveling and one on your home machine, backup copies in case your system crashes, etc.) but you may not transfer ownership or share the material with other people.
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Refund Policy

Holiday deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another person. The balance for Holidays is due 6 weeks before the holiday start date, and is non-refundable but transferable to another person.

Workshop bookings are non-refundable, but are transferable to another person.


You have the responsibility for the following: you meet all requirements of foreign entry, and your necessary documents for travel (passports, visa, and others) are valid and organized for foreign entry. Wild Love Beamer does not have unique understanding or knowledge of your necessary documents for travel, or the foreign entry requirements. We strongly encourage you to check any prohibitions on travel, different warnings, general announcements, and advisories that the government of your travel destination has issued. We encourage you to check this before booking your retreat and itinerary.

Visas and Passports: For this information you should contact the respective Embassy or Consulate for your travels. Change in requirements happen and you should always double check to make sure all your information is current before booking your retreat and leaving on your flight. We accept no liability in the event the airline or airport refused to grant you entry onto the flight, or if you are not allowed into a country due to a lack of proper requirements such as a passport, visa, or other documents that might be required for travel. This also applies for countries which may not be your final destination, but just stop-gaps. This includes any situation in which an aircraft stops, even if you stay in the plane or airport.

Health: You must consult with your doctor for the necessary and encouraged inoculations for your travel. Do this before you depart. You have responsibility for the following: taking any and all recommended medications, receiving the required inoculations, meeting entry requirements for health, and following medical advice given for your travel.

Wild Love Beamer offers retreats and other products in other countries, but this does not represent or warrant that travel to these areas is either risk-free or even advised. Wild Love Beamer is not liable for any losses or damages that may occur or result from traveling to these locations.

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