Why Do We Dance On Full Moon

I love dancing on full moons, don’t you?!

Everyone knows that during the Full Moon, the gravitational pull of the moon increases tides of the waters of the earth. There is also an increased risk of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the time of a Full Moon.
Birds and animals appear to follow the moon cycles to migrate, to hunt and to mate. Our sibling plants absorb more water, trees produce higher electrical charge during the full moons, and their growth is somewhat connected to the lunar cycle too.

Humans are no exception with our emotional and physical cycles being closely tied to a 28 day lunar cycle. Around Full Moons our emotions become more heightened, we have more energy, we dream more and sleep less, which is great because we have more time to dance and celebrate life!
Do you know why we dance on full moons?

Cyclically dancing during Full Moons help us to align to the natural rhythms of the inner and outer worlds. The more we are in tune with these rhythms, the more we can predict, expect and ride the waves of life, and reduce the stress response improving our overall health.

During the Full Moon, everything and everyone sensitizes, we can almost smell it in the air. It is a perfect time to create future plans, complete the beginning process like setting up an intention for an upcoming 28 day cycle or signing up contracts. This time is great for guided meditations, concentrating on blossoming aspect of self and healthily express emotions. It is also great for gatherings, as we tend to understand and relate to each other better around this time. That is why coming together to meditate, move, be moved and dance is especially great in groups during Full Moons.

Even if you are not into a natural rhythm movement, having a good conscious dance without a hangover the next day is a temptation enough. At least for me, it is an inspiration enough to allow my body this free expression where I can lighten up, unwind, get inspired, and allow my body do what it is supposed to do – MOVE!

Come and check out the next Full Moon Dance this Friday.

Love you all! Tune your body to express your unique song.

Ieva x