My Birthday Presence to You: Meditation When Things Get Tough

Yes, it is my birthday today. I tend to treat every day as my birthday, or rather as a special day as really; no day is ever going to be the same and I just love to live in this appreciative space.

Was I lucky? – Some of you asked. Well, sure! I am lucky to be alive and to kindle this trait that I have – to act on my inspirations. But not more lucky than you. Feeling lucky, I believe, is a conscious choice. I feel the most important thing for me was to understand what I want and to persistently work, or rather play, towards it. Things do surely get tough but the choice to embody my dreams grows stronger.

However, building into this week, living in this caravan parked by a fresh eucalyptus forest I am really feeling the closing of some cycles and diving into the new currents of life. Have you ever had this feeling? I have come to appreciate all of the brave and timid decisions I made to end up experiencing this moment now, which enabled me to be in this humble position to inspire people to connect worldwide through simple human touch, laughter and sharing their moments together.

So what do I do when I feel myself contracting? Do you want to hear the meditation I came up with several years ago and which helped me to stay with it, sprinkle some healing magic and go through it? If you do – I invite you to read further! I have shared it with few people and they are successfully using it! I hope you will find it useful too. Let me know what you think.

I sit, and connect to my past & future self, and feeling my own support I listen to what I would say from my past & future selves. Usually, my past self is reminding me where I was few years or even months ago and how much I have achieved, and just to stay kinder to myself. My wise future self usually smiles at me and sends me unconditional love whispering: you don’t know who you are becoming… unimaginable beauty and strength becoming visible. This usually puts me into a very peaceful state which helps to put the situation into a bigger perspective. It doesn’t simply look that tough anymore.

On other days, the most inspirational days or the days of stillness, as often I remember I take time to close my eyes, to go inside and send some encouraging energies to my past and future selves that experienced or will experience something difficult. I also take time to send some encouraging thoughts & feelings to the one who experienced or will experience her highest joyful peaks, whispering you… that was your choice to embody it. Own it.

My birthday present to you is to gather your strength to own your highest peaks, know it is only you that made it happen. Gather this strength to go through the situations that you might perceive more difficult at the moment. I wish you to embody your truths on a daily basis. Let it echo in the small and big things that you do, the way you do them, or in the choosing of not to do. And I do believe that you totally know what I mean.

Sending you heaps of special birthday love to you all!