Hello Beautiful Ones!

Hello hello beautiful ones!

How exciting! My first blog!

So for the first blog I want to tell you a little about how the path of the Wild Love Beamer look and feel like.

At some point in h(er) life, the average Wild Love Beamer felt immense clarity and love. This was felt right through the cracks of h(er) opening heart. From this life changing point, Wild Love Beamer perceives h(er)is life as a journey to get back. Wild Love Beamer recognizes there is no goal or end point in her or his life, that this journey back to being true, natural love is a journey of a thousand miles which must be taken one step at a time.
Every step in this life journey is seen and held in love and joy. On a daily basis, Wild Love Beamer identifies obstacles to love, purifies h(er) body, opens up her mind just a pinch more, keeps h(er)is heart strong, head up and gives her or his best. Wild Love Beamer doesn’t hesitate no more. The wild one recognizes, that (s)he already spend too much time hesitating.

Wild Love Beamer also recognizes the beauty of going with the seasons, ebbing and flowing, sometimes travelling a little higher, sometimes a little lower. Wild Love Beamer knows that showing truthfully where (s)he is at, in h(er)is highs or lows is what brings us together. (S)he says: ‘Mask, camouflage no more. It is more that OK to be vulnerable. We are here to lift each other up.’

Urban wild love beamer is not interested in traditional aspects of yoga or dance practices. This being is interested how they are relevant to the wild one’s life, and relationships. (S)he is not interested in spiritual dos and don’ts. (S)he knows that quality of our presence, rather than what we do that matters most. The Wild One teaches others that world is a safe place. (S)he knows that when we feel safe we are not afraid to shine our best selves. Wild Love Beamer acknowledges that gratefulness is the practice enough for your growth, to move into direction of growth and love. Every morning (s)he says thank you for small things, thank you for the big things, thank you, thank you, thank you – freedom is the contentment of what you have got.

Wild Love Beamer recognizes that all what (s)he is searching is H(er)im. (S)he acknowledges the power of self-love. (S)he is kind to H(er)im-self as much as (s)he is kind to others. Wild one recognizes how much (s)he has done to be in the space of life where (s)he finds herself in the moment. (S)he is kind to oneself. Wild Love Beamer knows the importance to practise things on a daily basis, that connect H(er)im to the natural state of wonder & joy.
When (s)he feels good – goodness overflows to others. The Wild One knows that it is all love or a calling for love. (S)he forgives h(er)im-self & others on a daily basis. After all the word itself implies it is all for FOR-GIVING!


With open heart,
Happy dancing feet strongly on the ground,
Ieva WildLoveBeamer

P.S. Are you a Wild Love Beamer? Do you want to be a Wild Love Beamer? Please join us, the more the merrier, the more of us there is, the healthier the earth is, the more of us the more my heart sings on ecstatic rythms!