Mentoring & Private Training

Seeking growth as a teacher?

I can help you with the following topics:

  • Partner Yoga
  • Acro Yoga
  • Family Yoga
  • Kids, Teens & Youth
  • Thai Yoga Massage for Yoga
  • Yoga business strategy

Who is it for?

New or experienced yoga teachers looking into incorporating Social Yoga into their teaching.

How is it delivered?

  • One-to-one in person or video calls
  • Whether you just need one or two sessions or the whole package, we will work together to create a mentoring plan which will best support your teaching journey


"Your energy and guidance was inspirational and if I can pass on some of that to others I’ll be delighted."
Jennie Smith

"You are an amazing teacher and I am ever grateful for your inspiration. Last weekend changed the way I look at things, and made me remember who I am when I remove the anxiety and panic."

"She is the most inspiring, friendly, woman who teaches so magically and I honestly felt like a different teacher when I left..."

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To book any private class or event, you can contact via or on +44 07477 879 904