Thai Yoga Massage

in London & St. Albans

Thai Yoga Massage originates from Buddhist tradition and has elements of Vipassana (meditation of insight), Metta (loving kindness), Yoga & Thai Chi. It is the application of rhythmic pressure on points and energy lines in the body, yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation. By using body weight, hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, feet and forearms your Thai Yoga Massage therapist is able to go deep into a soft tissue and internal organs.

  • Fully clothed massage
  • Given on a soft floor mat

Some common benefits of Thai Yoga Massage: Muscle release, Increased flexibility and joint movement, Lymphatic cleanse, Toxic elimination, Postural alignment, Internal organ stimulation, Neurological functioning and vitality boost, stress and tension relief, healing of long term injuries, balance of energy flow, strengthening of immune system, deep relaxation and calming of the mind, emotional release.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage that is specially designed to facilitate a woman’s journey during and after birth. We understand how sometimes it can be difficult to arrange childcare for the newly born baby, hence for Postnatal Thai Massage treatments, the baby is welcome to lie down by the mother’s side.


To book any private class or event, you can contact via or on +44 07477 879 904


1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours
£50 £70 £85
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