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AcroYoga Fundamentals

The Pilates Workshop - St Albans 2pm - 4pm, Sat 8 Sep 2018

AcroYoga is fun, vigorous practice which helps you to build strength, confidence, teamwork, cooperation and balance in ways that have seemed impossible before. It is therefore an embodied practice of growing beyond perceived limitations.

There are three roles in AcroYoga: Flyer, Base and Spotter. Flyer is the one elevated. The base is the one having the most contact with the ground, and the Spotter is a safety person, a coach and a cheerleader.

During AcroYoga Fundamentals Workshop we will explore Partner Yoga sequences for flexibility, strength and endurance, core activating drills, AcroYoga static positions and flows, and will top it all off with cooling down Thai Yoga Massage sequence.

Cost: £35 / £25 early bird (until 1st September, inclusive) Spaces are limited and early booking required.

About teacher: ieva WildLoveBeamer

I am a multi certified UK Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, AcroYoga certified teacher, a former Senior Teacher Trainer at Rainbow Yoga and a geek of Academic Psychology. I love the combination of vigorous AcroYoga practise and therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage techniques to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment to grow in ones own yoga practice as well as an opportunity to experience a mindful bonding human experience through Yoga.

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2pm - 4pm, Sat 8 Sep 2018


The Pilates Workshop - St Albans


1 person: £35.00